J​.​O​.​K​.​E: The Introduction​.​.​.

by K1ng Eljay

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Journal Of K1ng Eljay: The Introduction is officially the first in a new trilogy of music from Eljay himself. Formerly (semi) known for his previous beattapes and silly parodies, Eljay's dropped the jokes (not entirely) in order to introduce himself to a broader audience.

With most of the production handled by himself (with a few assists from #TheREDEFINED favorite Melvin Burch) and being light on the features, Eljay hopes that he's created something that impacts each listener, even in the imperfections that comes with creating from scratch. Enjoy the music...


released 18 May 2014

All tracks produced by K1ng Eljay (except "Expectations", "Frame Trap", and "Title Track", which are produced by Melvin Burch)




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Track Name: The Recipe (I Got You)
This how you get fiends hooked, Cocaine charisma get insane looks /
Stagnant ideas get Jon Jones hooks so I’m Hacking the mainframe like Jon James with these… /
Lines… similar to cyber crime, I’m… Spittin’ vicious while I’m sippin’ on this lime, nine… /
Times… out of ten it’s a Sprite but tonight I’mma flip the script, it’ll be alright cuz I /
Write… to inspire some change, and ain’t mentioning a diamond or rang /
Watch or a chain, man I’m just saying, I could care less ‘bout the girls or the bling I’m just /
Doing my thang, plans on the brain to get Gone for the weekend, plottin’ on Thursday to /
Flip me a beat then drop it on Saturday, Let them bars seep in, sorry I gotta say /
Church (Amen!) Word to the Latter Day Saints that I piss off, word to they bladder they /
Hurt (Amen!)… I don’t really know if they Are but I’m chillin’, watchin’ Serena get /
Worked (aye, man), wonder if Common and Drake really fought for the box and if they got /
Served – get it? – that ain’t a diss but More like a wish, holla at me if you wanna do /
dirt (ha!) sorry I’m a flirt, Embraced the title after I got hurt, so I /
Flip flows…flip hoes… Guess I lied earlier in this verse but uh /
Change clothes…then go… At it again, I’mma jackrabbit with pen and /
Pad, best friend I had, helped me refine the Flow, no wonder why you vibe with that…


Step one – sprinkle in a couple jokes and mix it up with the flow and I… /
Step two – I make the beat knock the way that it’s supposed then I… /
Step three – Then you switch up lyrics and hit with a couple quotes and uh…
…that’s the Recipe, to make beats rest in peace, I Got You…

Verse Two

This how you get weedheads baked, marijuana persona with no seeds, wait (no kids) /
Combine the dopeness of Jon Jones punchlines and I’m a mixture of DatPiff laced with /
Johnny Storm cuz I burn the whole booth down fifteen times over (that’s an Awesome Sound, XV) /
Donkey Kong on the bars but a homie got banana clips to make your head Ground Pound… /
Sucks…he too violent to change, that’s why I distance myself from those thangs /
They will bust heads over diamonds and rings and designer type things even though they’re fleeting but I’m /
Still in my lane, booking a plane to just Leave Alabama, regardless of all of that /
Countrified grammar, before somehow I end up stuck in the slammer for killing somebody at /
Work (Amen!) had to quit my last job, overbearing boss at Panera Bread was tryna get /
Cursed (Amen!) had to just walk out before I pulled a Glock out walk to the car and just /
Errr (Aye, man) Plus not to mention girls underneath me wanted me up under they /
Skirt (Oh.)… Couldn’t entertain that but now that I’m gone, holla at me if you wanna do /
Dirt (ha!), sorry I’m a flirt, embraced the title after I got hurt, so I /
Flip flows, flip hoes, guess I lied earlier in this verse, but uh /
We changed clothes, then go, at it again, her jackrabbit’s her friend in fact /
But she can’t use it again, that’s that, because I stretched it out and ain’t no coming back /
Similar to how I did your ears this track…